Accessibility Policy

Accessibility is an integral part of The Andromeda Electric Orchestra.  We strive to make our programming accessibly to all individuals with disabilities.  The following is a list of all available accessibility for our concerts and events.

Wheelchair and handicap accessibly:
AEO makes sure to have available wheelchair accessibly at all our venues, including

  • Seating
  • Box office, back stage, dressing rooms, lobby, ticket booth, refreshments, and shop
  • Accessibility in bathrooms, including sinks, soap and paper, and stalls
  • Wheelchair accessibility at any display cases and seating in lobby and other areas.
  • Accessible emergency exits
  • Elevators for second and third floor
  • Clear signage for all wheelchair and handicap areas.
  • Disability Access symbols are clearly labeled at all concerts and events, including parking.

AEO makes available for accessibility for patrons who have visual and impaired disabilities.

  • All print materials at request can be printed in any language requested.
  • Large Print labeling
  • Large Print printed materials
  • Braille printing is available for all printed materials at request.
  • Closed Caption is available for all videos for the hearing impaired.
  • Sign language interpreter is available for all events at request.

All events and concerts will have accessibly information upon ticket sales.  Volunteers and ushers are available to aide all wheelchair and handicap patrons for their seating.  Any special accommodations that is needed can be contacted directly to the orchestra to make these accommodations.

(818) 561- 5845
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